Moss Removal

Roof Cleaning

Moss build up on your roof can block gutters and drains, causing damage and even requiring replacement guttering. Over time it can also cause roofing to degrade.

Moss thrives in damp shady environments, so is more likely to be found on the north side of your roof, or in places of shade from trees or taller buildings.

At Bolingbroke Roofing we provide a moss removal service which will keep your roof clean and free of moss. Our methods are efficient and do not harm the roof tiles.

Care needs to be taken, as roof tiles can be easily damaged. Our tradesmen are fully trained and qualified to work on all types of roof.

We can have your roof cleaned and looking like new in no time at all. Once the moss is removed, we can repaint the roof to bring it back to its original appearance. We can also advise on solutions to prevent the moss returning.

Guttering and Drainpipe Clearing

Bolingbroke Roofing also provide cleaning services for your guttering and drainpipes. If moss gets into your guttering it can block the flow of rainwater and cause damage.

Our professional roofing specialists can clear out any blockages, including moss, and ensure your guttering is clean and working correctly.

If your guttering has been damaged due to moss or other issues, we also offer a repair or replacement service at highly competitive prices.

We provide our moss removal services across Brighton and the surrounding areas. Please contact us for more information.


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